Success through Failing
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Success through Failing
Finding our greatest gifts in our darkest hours

25 transformative women share their stories of how the “failures” in their lives catapulted them into achieving their greatest success in life. These stories will uplift, encourage, and inspire you to fight through the difficult and dark days to reach your goals and help transform your life into the life you want to create.

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.
— Napoleon Hill

Wendy Bunnell

Wendy Bunnell is an mentor, presenter, author and confidence coach. She is CEO of Critical 2 Confidence which  helps individuals learn to raise their personal value so that they can form the life, income, business, and relationships that they have always dreamt about but never knew how to create.

Wendy has the unique gift of helping find personal and professional roadblocks and reconnect people to themselves, and their Higher Power, and as a result, her clients see a dramatic increase in personal happiness and income level.

Wendy is also the driving force behind the book and movement, “Success through Failing”, recruiting 24 other powerful and inspiring women who are combining forces to change the hearts and minds of thousands of women.

She has several successful businesses including a thriving real estate career, network marketing background,  as well as her busy mentoring and speaking career. Her diverse background and life experience help her to understand the unique needs of each of her clients.

Even with all of her busy endeavors, her family is frontrunner in her life and include six children and eight grandchildren.  

You can find out more about Wendy at


Wendy Cunningham

Wendy Cunningham is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, friend, coach, mentor, writer, and speaker. She is an Independent Consultant with an extraordinary health and wellness company, and has built an exceptional business. She’s also an aspiring blogger and game changer!

After spending over 15 years pursuing her passion for theatre performance, Wendy has found success in taking the road less traveled- the one she never thought would lead her to her life’s passion of helping others step into their God given purpose. Wendy helps people gain perspective in their lives and on their journey and hopes to continue to inspire people to live their very best life despite their circumstances or setbacks.

Contact Wendy directly at

Wylene Benson

Wylene Benson is a Personal Alignment and Business Coach and has been a successful entrepreneur and business consultant for 30 years.  

A Certified "Limitless" Breakthrough Coach, Wylene is a facilitator of transformation.  Inspiring individuals to take the leap of faith outside of their comfort zones to create seemingly impossible results is her gift.  Using the principles and techniques she has developed, Wylene has experienced countless breakthroughs in her own life, as well as inspiring others to believe something better exists for them.  

During her 2-year tenure serving as the Facilitator for the PS/Ankle Monitor Parole Program “Prime for Life”  through Utah County Jail, she saw shifts happen, adding evidence to the belief that anything is possible when you create space for change. Wylene Benson is an Author, a sought-after Speaker, Teacher and Private Mentor.  

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Amber Smithson

Amber Smithson is a certified health coach and business coach. With her husband Jared, they own HealthCanBeSimple, Inc recently honored by Utah Valley Business Q magazine as the 6th fastest growing company in Utah Valley with 462% growth and $7.8 million in annual revenue.

Amber has personally worked with thousands of people to reach their healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finance goals since 2009. Having been overweight herself in the past, Amber has a passion and gift for helping show the simple, FUN way to loving yourself healthy.

You can find out more about Amber at

Batya Maman

Batya Maman - Renowned National Speaker, Author, Social Media Expert and Visionary Founder and CEO of Social Connect.  Batya’s wisdom and shear brilliance is best demonstrated by her seemingly endless stream of success stories by some the biggest names in the industry.  Her accolades number in the hundreds with the most recent distinction of being named one of Naples Distinctive Women 2016. She supports local and national charities and has delivered seminars to tens of 1000’s of dentists and entrepreneurs nationwide. Her approach is direct and her events are powerful, providing cutting edge fundamentals and solutions to help control and expand your business.

Batya has been featured in the Distinctive Women Magazine.


Ashlee Miller

Ashlee Miller is a happy mom of three children and is married to her favorite business partner!  Ashlee is a talented teacher of faith-based results, natural healing, and prosperity. Ashlee is a student of the scriptures and discovered energy work when life had presented some overwhelming challenges.  After working with thousands of clients, Ashlee has created her own energy modality to empower others and create immediate results. Purely Alive energy work is the easiest way to clear blocks, see truth, and create freedom.  

Ashlee was raised to be an entrepreneur while growing up on an Idaho farm and has not stopped thinking business since. She has created a six figure income in network marketing while maintaining her private coaching business. Ashlee trains individuals and companies how to create breakthroughs in their lives and business.  Ashlee is passionate about using her knowledge and gifts to inspire other moms and business owners to discover their personal power.

Kirsten Tyrrel

Kirsten is the mother of three children and host of the Marvelous Moms Club podcast where she shares stories of inspiration from women all over the world to uplift and inspire women to break out of mediocrity and become the mothers they dream of being.  Upon realizing she was in a very dark and stressful place with motherhood, she made significant changes that helped her realize how truly amazing a blessing it is to be a mother, and how capable she was of being a marvelous mom as well as a successful woman. She created her podcast to share that message with others who might be feeling alone, exhausted and incapable of pushing themselves towards a higher level of joy. Now in its second season, Marvelous Moms Club has over 100 episodes with stories from over 80 women worldwide!

Kirsten and her husband are serial entrepreneurs and manage six different businesses from their home in beautiful southern Utah.  When she’s not working or interviewing amazing mothers, she loves reading to her kids, taking frequent trips to Disneyland and making every day an adventure!

You can find Kirsten’s podcast at!


Anita Mibey

Anita is from Africa, Kenya. She comes from a community that strongly believes in Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a cultural practice, where girls are known to be a source of wealth to the families, and once they reach an age of 12 years they are married off to men aged like their fathers, not of their choice for the families to be paid a bride price.

Anita had to fight all odds to finish her secondary level and join university to achieve her degree in Commerce. Anita has worked with a Microfinance institution in Kenya where she managed Kiva loans and ensured that loans are fully funded by lenders. She changed many lives of poor women who could not afford to get loans from the banks and improve their lives from poverty.

Anita currently works with a non profit organisation working with farmers in Africa, Kenya who collaborates with doTERRA in outsourcing essential oils. She also manages Healing Hands Foundation grants for community developments in Kenya. Anita also works with 100 humanitarian,a non profit organisation from USA.  The mission of the humanitarian group is to mentor families globally through education and entrepreneurship in an effort to eliminate physical, mental,spiritual and emotional poverty.

Anita is a living example of successful women in her community who have passed through challenges. She is passionate about helping women and a voice for girl child education, and has established adult education classes where young women who got married at an age of 12 and did not get a chance to go through school are taught how to read and write and offered business skills. This in turn gives freedom of independence to the women who will be in a position to start their own businesses and educate their daughters to become better people in the society.

Contact Anita directly at

Wendy Starling Gardiner

Wendy is a loving wife and mother of 5 kids.  She is co-owner of Starling Real Estate, a successful real estate brokerage whose mission is to help families make their dreams of homeownership come true.  

She is also Co-Founder of Soul Food USA, a non-profit that has been feeding  the homeless in her local community for the last 5 years.  Her true passion lies in guiding others through life’s hardest challenges - empowering them as an author, speaker and mentor to make life changing transformations, just as she did, in order to live “Absolutely Amazing Lives – From The Inside Out!”

Wendy can be found at



Connie Sokol

Connie Sokol is a mother of seven, bestselling author, and national and local speaker for over 15 years. She is a TV core contributor on “Studio 5 with Brooke Walker” and a national blogger for Mrs. Sokol is represented by Fuse Literary and has written 16 books, including Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, Create a Powerful Life Plan, Motherhood Matters, and 40 Days with the Savior. 

Connie's passion is helping women and families live purposeful, organized, and joyful lives! Often called a woman's cheerleader, she founded the Back to Basics program to teach women simple principles in eight life areas that get results, such as organization, weight loss, and healthy relationships. She resonates with and uplifts everyday women through her TV, podcasts, ecourses, and programs. Mrs. Sokol marinates in time spent with her family and eating decadent treats. For her newsletter, blog, TV segments, and more, visit and all social media.

Jentrey Potter

Jentrey a.k.a. “The Self Care SHERO” is a highly sought after Board Certified Health Coach & Incite Certified Life Coach, Presenter, Speaker, Author, Facebook Live Video Star of “The SHERO Show”, Creator of “The S.H.E.R.O. Rescue Method” and a mom of 5 and wife of 15 years.

Jentrey is passionate about helping women through self care, self love, and self empowerment. From personal experiences of overcoming childhood sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and choosing to stay married to a recovering pornography addict, she takes a very personal approach to healing the whole person from the inside out and discovering the root causes and trapped emotions that are creating the mental, emotional, and even physical health issues of modern families.

Jentrey can be found at


Iraima Otteson

Iraima Otteson is an artist, entrepreneur and leader with a great passion for learning and self-improvement. Through her own life trials and life experiences Iraima discovered the healing effect of visual art. Later she learned how powerful and effective this tool can be when used as an instrument in helping children develop and grow.

The creation of Hands on Art blossomed from her vison and passion in assisting others find their purpose. Fulfilling potential is what this studio located in Utah is all about. In the studio an atmosphere has been cultivated that is safe, dynamic and inspiring. A place where children and adults are provided with the tools to explore art fully through various medium forms. 

As soon as you walk into this one-of-a-kind studio the colors and vibrant atmosphere invite you in. Be it working on clay, screen printing or painting the imagination will soar as we create. 

Iraima puts great focus and care in helping children. With this focus she created an art program that empowers children to tap into their “Inner Creator”. As they see themselves as powerful individuals that can accomplish anything in life. “If we can help young children understand their capacity to create anything they want, and make that concept applicable to all areas of their life, we are creating a brilliant generation of successful individuals”. 

Iraima has touched the lives of thousands of children through her unique art program. This reach will continue as she readies the launch of Hearts for Art, an exciting nonprofit, mentoring program that focuses on strengthening our youth through leadership opportunities. This is accomplished all while helping other less fortune children through art. 

Following her passion is one of Iraima’s greatest abilities. A zeal for learning and a desire to remain competitive in the marketing industry as a graphic designer lead her to the United States. Arriving 17 years ago from Venezuela with her 4-year-old son, fearlessly she embraced a new country. New blessings awaited her. As she learned a new language she met her incredible husband, best friend and corner stone. Together with 3 kids, Iraima has found her greatest joy.

Even when art seems to take center stage; behind the scenes, her family life and sacred duty as a parent has led her to the greatest teaching moments and life changing experiences. Iraima describes family and parenting as the ultimate test to become something in life. Her real success has come after overcoming parenting pitfalls, through learning, forgiving and understanding. 

To learn more about Iraima Otteson and her program visit

Sabrina Redmond

Sabrina Redmond is a Freedom Mentor, Presenter, Speaker, Author, International Entrepreneur, Certified Neurokinesis Coach, Homeschooling Mom of 6, and wife of 10 years.

She is the CEO of Create the Path, where she empowers women and children in creating the life they truly desire and deserve to be living; with specific tools to be FREE and upgrade their life, relationships, wealth and health.  

As a woman who has become free from childhood sexual abuse, PTSD, and depression; she has a deep desire for other’s to have their own freedom. Sabrina teaches the power of forgiveness and reconnecting people to their higher source; so families and the world as a whole, can be free.

Contact Sabrina directly at or find out more at


Becky Rogers

Becky Rogers is the founder of LIFEstory Transformation, homeschool mother of 10, BodyTalk practitioner, and manifestation specialist who is excited about living life ON purpose WITH purpose.  

Besides spending time with her family, her favorite thing is helping people break free of seemingly impossible challenges that keep them from becoming who they truly are meant to be.  She is also the creator of Families Mentoring Families, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that connects families all over the world for strength and support.  


She can be reached at,, and

Julie May

Julie has been inspiring youth and adults as a teacher and mentor for over ten years. She is the President and Chief Habit Coach at Excel Your Habits which provides mentoring, coaching, events, and seminars specially designed to help individuals retrain their brain. Her Excellent Habits System is revolutionizing the world of self-help. She is a fiery speaker who excites individuals for change and provides the follow through to make it happen. Julie is the producer of the Joyful Living Women’s Conference which is attended by women from all over the country. Also look for the Joyful Living Family Conference coming in April 2017.

Some of Julie’s favorite things include: music, theater, teaching, and anything Disney. She is currently the music specialist at Naples Elementary school in Vernal, Utah where she teaches music to over 500 students.

Julie and her husband Joseph reside in Vernal, Utah and have 7 children together two of which are currently serving lds missions.

For information about Julie’s events or the Excellent Habits System, please visit our website at To find out more about the upcoming Joyful Living Conference and purchase tickets, please go to

“Every day is a new chance to create the life you really want to live. Take the chance!”


Tiffany berg coughran

Tiffany Berg Coughran is a recovering alcoholic celebrating 14 years of sobriety. After receiving faith based counseling as a mother of five, Tiffany began empowering others what were also battling addiction.

Since 2002 Tiffany has spoken professionally and authored multiple books on emotional wellness.  Her message of recovery became her statewide platform as Mrs. Utah United States 2007. Her passion for encouraging families during times of hardship led to co-founding Utah’s Heart 2 Home non-profit (2004-2012), which raised over 3 million dollars for needy Utah families. This work was featured in People Magazine, Fox 13, KSL, Good Morning America, and Oprah’s Big Give.  

During these years Tiffany’s husband was diagnosed with throat and jaw cancer and commenced aggressive treatment. Humbly through these treatments she and her children were given a beautiful year and a half with him.

After a devastating loss of her husband in 2009, Tiffany returned to school and certified as a clinical corporate and hospice chaplain. Now having facilitated hundreds of case studies, in the ER, ICU, hospice care, suicide support, and determining complicated end-of-life decisions, she is a frequent presenter at hospitals, social work conferences, grief support groups and cancer awareness events for adults and children.

Tiffany also works with local and national media and understands the complexity of emotion in highly charged situations and crisis. As a consultant, Tiffany has prepared individuals emotionally and intellectually for high visibility national interviews.  

Passionate about life, love and healing Tiffany was reconnected to her high school sweetheart Vernon in 2013, and the two were married in 2014. Today they enjoy their eight children and are delighted to be grandparents together.


Alycia Huston

Alycia Huston is a Certified Life Coach, Business Mentor, and Speaker specializing in women's empowerment and leadership.  Her mission and passion in life is teaching strong women leaders how to step up, be fierce and play bigger in their business and personal lives so that they can live the lifestyle they always desired. 

In November of 2004, Alycia decided she was ready to go full throttle into the world of entrepreneurship. She co-founded Aspire Independent Review Board, LLC, and found herself stepping into the role of CEO in 2008. Within three years at the helm, the company soared into multi-million dollar status and remained there until its sale in late 2014.

She is a busy wife to Andre and mother to Bryce (19), Asiyah (15) and Adanya (7); plus two bonus children DJ (18) and Adrian (16).

Alycia absolutely believes and operates on the premise that one should live a Soul-Full life!

You can connect with Alycia at




Melissa Bone

Melissa is an author, mentor, trainer, and presenter who is passionate about teaching and inspiring others on how to live with joy and purpose every day.

Her struggles with depression, childhood sexual abuse, and living with family members who have battled depression, as well as anxiety, has led her on a journey to discover, not only how to overcome these challenges, but how to live with joy in any circumstance.

After 25+ years of training, mentorship, and experience, she founded Tree of Life Families which provides classes, training, mentoring, and other resources to help individuals and families create a home of joy, purpose, and unconditional love, despite life’s challenges. She loves helping others take the busyness out of life and instead, live each day with purpose.

“A successful day isn’t measured by how many things we’ve checked off our to-do list, but it is measured by how well we lived true to our highest self.”

Melissa loves music, theater, running, and traveling with her family. As a wife of over 27 years, and a homeschooling mom to seven children, she embraces each day as an exciting new adventure.

Feel free to check out for tons of resources on everything from helping children develop a strong emotional IQ, to developing a home environment that is in vibration with your family culture, to learning how to live each day true to your highest self--instead of just checking off to-do lists, and more!

Lori-Ann Cunningham

Lori-ann Cunningham is THE Music Health Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, award-winning musician extraordinaire, creator of Health Sounds Music, and sought after motivational speaker and performer.

After discovering through her own health and mental challenges how the powerful tool music and sound can be used to help heal and change physical and mental states, Lori-ann is now on a mission to help people fine tune their personal symphonies of health and well-being so they can experience health, love, and deep joy as they fulfill their missions here on the earth, and ultimately, change the world. She teaches the impact sound has on our health and well-being, and creates healing and relaxing music and meditations using revolutionary technologies… mixed with a lot of love, a bit of intuition, and a sprinkling of playful fun!

Lori-ann sneaks away to create music every chance she gets, working around her four handsome and CRAZY boys and a husband who’s obsessed with her… obsessed in a good way!

You can find more at


Heidi Totten

Heidi Totten is a wife, mother of two children, runs a consulting business and a humanitarian organization that focuses on projects in Kenya, Africa. Sometimes she sleeps. She is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, trainer, and loves helping people discover the mentoring, tools and resources they need to achieve their dreams.

In 2015, Heidi went to Kenya on a humanitarian expedition and her life changed forever. One day she heard a voice say, “Go start a group on Facebook called 100 Humanitarians. I’ll let you know why.” Since then, life has been a faith walk for her, and every day is a new adventure! By the end of 2016, she will have taken over 50 people to Kenya to implement programs and projects for families that are her passion and calling in life.

Heidi has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 3 years build their online programs, social media strategy, and sales scripts. She also teaches people how to manifest miracles in their lives and business.

She homeschools her two children, or as she puts it, “Facilitates their education and mentors them whenever they will listen.” She loves people and loves life!

Amanda Earnest

Amanda Earnest is from Orange County, California, and has been married to her best friend, Mark, for 15 years.  She is honored and proud to be a stay-at-home mother to their five children.

Her bachelor’s degree in child development benefits her daily as she enjoys sharing parenting successes — and failures! — on her blog,

Amanda’s passion for the beauty industry also serves as the inspiration for sharing live beauty tips and makeup tutorials with viewers on various social media channels.  She loves makeup artistry and teaching women how to feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside!

Having always had an interest in entrepreneurship, Amanda has owned several businesses, from traditional to non-traditional.  Recently, she started a business in the skincare and anti-aging industry.  She is an Independent Brand Partner with Nerium International and was recently featured both on the cover and inside “Beautiful You” magazine.

You can learn more or get in touch with Amanda by visiting



Shantel McBride

Shantel McBride is a Certified Trainer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Hospice Chaplain for Good Shepherd Home Care & Hospice, Grief Facilitator and is also the owner of her own company, focusing on assisting others with emotional and mental balance. She is the Circle Of Life.

Over the past few years, Shantel’s life has been touched by numerous passing’s…best friends, parents, relatives…and in true form, she’s turned the pain, fear, and compassion into a training entitled “Live Like You’re Dying”.  

Shantel says, “The truth is that any day could be your last day on Earth, because the future is NEVER guaranteed. Too many people go out of the house blithely one day and never return-- victims of a car accident, plane crash, bicycle accident, heart attack, and other catastrophes of LIVING (including Cancer)-- I have learned to NEVER take my continued existence for granted. I LIVE VERY MINDFULLY, LOOKING AT LIFE in a whole different LIGHT. This was actually the GIFT I have received from having SO much Death around me of LOVED ones and Friends. I SEE LIFE as so much more than the GIFT it is.”

Shantel works with several different companies and Client Relationships are key.  Shantel enjoys learning and gaining new skills.  She has completed many training programs, she graduated from CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) with The World Spiritual Health Organization as a Professional Clinical Board Certified Chaplain and is now working on her Master Certification. She is a TedX Speaker and she also hosted a local radio show on K-talk called INSPIRED CONVERSATIONS for 2 years. Shantel loves to serve others and her community.  Her experiences have taken her to service projects with many charities.  She was also on the HOA board in her community for 10 years and now sits on the Advisory Board as well as Director of Mentors for WOW Utah, a Non Profit that helps women who have been in an abusive relationship, went through a job loss, catastrophic illness or abuse with alcohol or drugs.

Shantel has been married to Paul for 31 years.  They have two children—a very cute girl named Tayler (19) and a handsome young man named Tanner (21).

Stacy Harmer

Stacy is on a mission! Her personal path of loss and depression took her on a journey of healing from being in the Pit of Darkness to coming to the Promised Land! Through her personal experiences, she’s discovered a formula to live a full, healthy, whole, vibrant life and is passionate about empowering others with these tools! She is the founder of the Vibrant Living Academy, a world-wide community of women whose purpose is to help others heal their body, heart, mind and soul, discover their purpose and passion and share their unique gifts with the world. She is a busy mother, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Raw Food Chef, Emotional Release Facilitator and Co-Creator of the Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coach Certification Program. She is speaker, trainer and the author of 7 Steps to Vibrant Living – You Deserve to Find Joy Now and has a mission to spread these principles to the world!



becky mackintosh

Becky Mackintosh is a mentor, speaker, author, life-coach and mother of seven, but her favorite hat to wear is that of grandmother.  She serves as a board member of the Mountain-West National Speakers Association Chapter, and North Star International.  Becky and her husband Scott co-host a weekly podcast radio show called Life In 22 Minutes where they share stories the inspire, give hope and bring a smile to your face in only 22 minutes.

Becky is dedicated to helping people accomplish their goals and feel better about themselves and life.  She is a champion of humanity and a whole-hearted people lover.  She and her husband Scott have been featured on: Good Morning America, TODAY show, Rachael Ray, CNN, Inside Edition, Fox and friends and many more.

To connect with Becky visit

To follow Becky’s Podcast Radio show click here:

Naomi Fox

Naomi Fox is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for the creation and early growth stages of businesses. She believes that when we feel called to do something professionally it is because it is part of our purpose and mission here on this Earth and that we are entitled to divine help. Naomi intuitively connects with her clients and their businesses through branding and website design with Branding Intuitive to help them to grow and develop to become all that they need to be to fill the purpose of their creation.

She lives in St. George, Utah with her three boys. She home schools and has a deep passion for motherhood, parenting and vulnerability. She believes that we are at our strongest when we lean into vulnerability and that this is a difficult and acquired skill. Naomi also believes that vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, love and connection.


Christine Khamasi

I'm 43 years old. When I was 12 years old I started to menstruate and my mum had left me to stay with my grandmother. Life was not a bed of roses. I had to cut my clothes to sew them together so as to get a pad. One day at school my period come and my dress was soaked in blood. I went home. I found my sewn pads had been thrown away by my cousins that we stayed with at my grandmother’s. It was hard. I could not go to school.

For three days a month, I could sleep the whole day. I used leaves. It didn’t help. The old rags were no more, so no more school. Every three days of the month… The teachers realized there was a problem. The male teacher saw a weak spot. So, they gave me money for sex so as to get pads. Life was hard. Even my close relatives could rape me now. My grandmother had sent me away. I went to live with my step-mum. Now here I had to saw the rags together. But not for long.

At 14 years old, I was pregnant and dropped out of school. I slept in the street. I was a street girl with a litle girl. A lady took me in as a house girl (live-in maid). That’s when I met my husband and he took me to train in dressmaking. But then I had a passion that if other girls are going though what I went through, I have to do something. I started making liners but without shields as I did not know how to make them yet. I had an idea that I could donate to orphan girls in church and at home.

Then 2013-2014 I met Carrie G. from the United States and she asked me if I would love a scholarship to go study with Days for Girls. I said “yes Carrie and Marilyn, but on one condition that no writing and reading.” They both told me it’s just sewing, no writing. I was so excited my dream of changing the lifestyle of girls was in my hands. I was crying in the airport not because I was afraid, but because I knew no other girl will have to pass what I went though. I was there. I'm glad I went. My life was never the same. I loved the training even more than the sewing. I thank god for Libby, Vicky, Diva, Diana, and everyone in Uganda for making me feel at peace and at home.

The ideas I got have really changed my perspective on girls and their needs. Now I have three enterprises: Butere, Masai Mara, and Zariel I'm aiming to do great things by changing the lifestyle of girls in Kenya and the world as my life has changed since I left Uganda.